How do I keep my sterling silver looking its best?

As a metal, silver does not tarnish, it is the other metal alloys in sterling that tarnish.  The best way to keep either your high polish silver or your oxidized silver looking its best is to keep it in a plastic bag when you are not wearing it.  The air mixes with the alloys in the metal causing that tarnished look.  If you keep it out of the air and in a plastic bag, this cuts down on the tarnish.  Of course, silver can always be brought back to its full beauty with a quick silver polish cloth.

How well does silk cord wear?

Silk cord is incredibly strong and has such nice drape, that is why I use it throughout much of my jewelry.  If you take care of it, it will last for years to come.  Of course, some people insist on swimming in their jewelry, showering in their jewelry or sleeping in their jewelry.  This can be done, but like anything, with abuse comes wear!  If you are nice to your silk cord, it will be nice to you.

Can I change the length of a necklace?

Many necklaces I have for sale can have the length altered slightly (within a couple of inches).  Most can certainly be shortened if you prefer and many can have some additional links added to the back if you want it a bit longer than it is currently...just let me know and we can work together. 

Allergies to certain metals?

I have heard over the years that some people have allergies to certain metals and they may develop a rash if put in contact with those allergens.  Rest assured that all of the Silver I use is either Sterling Silver or a higher grade Silver, I never use any of the "fake" stuff like silver-plated materials...hopefully, that will keep you allergy free.

Why do you use Leverbacks in earrings?

Nothing is worse than buying a new pair of earrings, putting them on in the morning, looking in the mirror at lunch and realizing you have lost one of them.  If you use leverbacks, this won't happen.  They have an automatic closure keeping the earrings where they belong...on your ear. Also, you don't have to fuss with those little rubber stops that try to solve the lost earring problem, though don't always work!